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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Feel Empowered

Okay so many of you have discovered that I am a girl… And just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I can’t be a “Beast”. With loving to work out doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian. I have plenty of friends who are bi, straight or undecided. That doesn’t make me love them anymore or any less. I am a straight female who likes feeling strong, and sexy. Most people think that a girl in the gym is way sexier than a girl in the […]

Swolemate <3

Okay so this is not my average post but, I think the idea of a gym partner needs to be addressed. Some of you may be use to the name swolemate, which is when two people are dating and work out together which is not always the case. Swolemates do not have to be of the opposite sex! Nor does it mean these two people are dating… A swolemate is someone who pushes you and motivates you to keep working your ass off! I encourage […]

Calories make Muscles

I know many people have a fad to calorie count. Which is important yes but, even more so are the Macros you take in! Macro are Protein, Carbs and Fat. When you look at a food label it gives you a calorie count then it tells you how many grams of everything that is in this product. There is 4-9-4 rule you can use to determine how many of those calorie are Fat, Protein and Carbs. Say you had a Quest Bar! I know I […]

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