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Monthly Archives: August 2015

At Home Workouts!

I have been thinking about at home workouts that are fun and still super productive. Here are some ideas I have had. Jump Squats Burpees Jump Lunges Planks Crunches High Knees Jumping Jacks Push ups Triceps Dips These are just a few of so many you can do! Just remember to be active and stay healthy! And thank you for joining me on my journey. Believe in The Beast “You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – […]

How to Juggle Your Life

Firstly I want to apologize for not posting in quite a while. I had taken a break over summer from life. Sometime school takes everything out of me. But now I am back in the grind and happier than ever to writing to you all again! Going into my third year of college at San Diego State University I have learned two very important lessons. First, sleep is your best friend. Second, plan ahead. Plan your next three days out as best you can. I […]

Circuit Training

So I have learned an effective way of loosing fat while still maintaining your muscle growth. Circuit training. This is an effective way to keep your heart rate up enough to burn fat and keep your muscle especially for ladies. I like this circuit in particular. Jump Squat-30 sec x4 Jump rope -30 sec x4 Scatters – 30 sec x4 jump jacks -30 sec x4 Lung jumps -30 sec x4 high knees -30 sec x4 This should take 20 – 30 min to complete I […]

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