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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Wine 101

Hey guys! So I have gotten into wine. I love wine. I have been a big wino for a year now and have tone numerous tasting and I want to give a few suggestions on a couple places to go also I want to teach you all some proper wine edicate I have learned over the year. A few places in Temecula and Santa Barbara I want to talk about. These wineries are all extremely passionate about their craft. I appreciate all the hospitality each […]


We live in a world of deadlines. You are given a deadline for a project, you are given a deadline for when you should graduate high school, college, get married.. etc… When you get injured or have surgery doctors will give you a time period of how long it will take to get better… a deadline. What if you didn’t have a deadline? What if you were never going to get a degree? What if you were never going to get married? What if you […]

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