50 First College Dates

will-you-go-out-with-meI decided to put together a list for college students in San Diego. This list is fifty places, things and other stuff to do on a date in San Diego, or anywhere really. Okay so Fifty first dates… here we go!

1. Homework date/ Cafe Date. It is a good way to get to know someone but, also trying to stay productive.
2. Cook a meal together! Go over to someone’s house, bring a bottle of wine and getting cooking! It is a fun way to dance and sing in the kitchen together.
3. Star Gaze, drive out to the middle of nowhere and set up a blanket and if you’re lucky a telescope and find all the stars and constellations.
4. Game Night! Dig out some cards or a board game and see each others competitive side!
5. Movie Night. Make your living room into a romantic movie theatre set out candles, and get some popcorn and chocolate. To top it off buy a nice red wine!
6. Let’s have a Picnic! Grab a blanket and some finger food, head to sunset cliffs. Watch the ocean while basking in some fresh fruit and cheese.
7. Take a cooking class! I may mention groupon often in this post but, look on groupon and see where some local hot spots are for a cooking class! I know Sur La Table does it is San Diego!
8. Spontaneous road trip! Take a trip to Julian and go on a hike then stop by to get some pie before you leave! Or somewhere you have never been before!
9. Yoga Date! San diego offers free yoga classes in different areas, I know Sunday morning is usually at the beach. Look up different people in your area offering free yoga!
10. Watch the Sunset, no better place than Sunset Cliffs in San Diego!
11. Farmer’s Market! There are so many different Farmers Markets offered in San Diego, the one in North Park is Thursday Evening! The one in Little Italy is Saturday from 11-2pm! Then I know of one Sunday in Hillcrest from 10-2pm! Fun to walk around, get flowers, food.
12. North Park Bars. Enough Said.
13. Hiking! This is a good date if you still want to have a conversation and get a good cardio section in! I would Suggest Cowles Mountain or Torrey Pines.
14. Bowling, who doesn’t love putting on smelling shoes, drinking OK Beer and making a complete fool of themselves. This is a great activity to just goof off and laugh together.
15. Roller Skating, again similar to bowling but, now you have to try and keep your balance. AKA hold your dates hand the whole night…
16. Drive Inn Movie Theatre! I love love love these! You get to bring your own snacks, you’re in the comfort of your own car and the tickets are dirt cheap! In San Diego there is the Santee Drive Inn which I would definitely recommend.
17. Trampoline house! Or a bouncy house. I guarantee you have one in your area! These are “I am still a child at heart dates” That can be very amusing. Just don’t hurt your back!
18. Balboa Park in San diego has so many events going on every weekend! On top of that all their museums are fantastic and free on the first Tuesday of every month!
19. Disk Golf, Which is also located in Balboa Park! Show off your skills! Or make a fool of yourself while getting out and being active!
20. Try a new cuisine. See if either one of you has not tried a particular ethnic food, and go try it!
21. Couple Message, I now groupon has so many deals for couple messages. Plus you get a little private romantic time together!
22. School Play, See if the college of arts and letters is putting on a play that month and buy a ticket!
23. DIY Crafts, this could be a silly fun thing to do together, especially during the holidays! Find a ginger bread man kit and see how well you can build a sugar house!
24. Look up free concerts happening in San Diego, or your local area. San diego in the summer, offers free summer concerts in the park!
25. Stand up comedy, there are so many cafe’s in San Diego that have comedy night. This is an opportunity to relax and get a laugh out! Plus those performing love the audience!
26. If you really wanna stargaze go to an Observatory. They often offer tours and other fun stuff to see! Make sure to check ahead of time if they closed it due to weather, or national holidays!
27. Ice skate at UTC Mall, or your local rink if you have one! Then grab a hot chocolate afterwards to warm up your fingers!
28. Beer Tasting. In San Diego Ballast Point does some cool beer tasting as well as gives daily tours.
29. SeaPort Village: free concerts on Sunday! Also Seaport village is just a cute are of san diego to walk around and go into all the cute stores!
30. Wine Tasting! There are plenty of wineries in Temecula, a 45 min drive from San Diego. Go feel fancy and wine taste and take a tour if you can!
31. Go to a local bar and challenge your date to a game of pool, great opportunity to get close if one of you isn’t very good!
32. Extraordinary Desserts! What a better date than going to get dessert or anything sweet in general!
33. Visit the local spooky attraction, for example San Diego ha the Whaley House. Supposedly haunted, and offers tours.
34. Lake Murray, is a great place to take a walk or a short run. Beautiful scenery.
35. Baseball Game. The Padres may not be the best but, the tickets are a pretty good deal!
36. Art Walks are a cool and fun way to get out and see what the other person’s tastes are in art. North Park offers them monthly!
37. The Harbor Walk in San Diego, Take tours of all different boats they have their and learn the history behind them!
38. Take a Surf Class, living in San Diego there are a million different places to go but, I would suggest the mission bay aquatic center!
39. People Watch, go to a mall or the mission beach and spend your day people watching. You may find it amusing and see something you never thought you would.
40. Play a board game or card game! See the other person’s competitive side!
41. Pottery date, create your own bowl. Just look on groupon and you can find some great ideas!
42. Laser tag! another way to be competitive and have and have a good time!
43. Visit Gaslamp! Like really visit gaslamp there are so many hidden secrets to that part of San Diego.
44. Volunteer together, there are so many places in SD to volunteer. Every city could use some more volunteers!
45. Take a painting class! On groupon there are plenty of places to take a painting class and they usually make it fun by giving wine while you paint.
46. Fly a kite at the Beach! I know I bet you’re like what!… but yes. It is actually very fun and cute way to spend time together. You feel like a kid again!
47. Take a dip! Go to your local lake or beach and go for a swim.. ride the waves or take your surfboard out!
48. Beach Bonfire! or House bonfire, grab some chocolate and marshmallows to make s’mores!!
49. Water gun Fight, Surprise them when they get to your house have them walk into the room with a note and a water gun! Let them read it and pop out to get them!
50. Mini Golf, generic but always fun! Put put!

Hope you liked it!

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