So in all honesty I am deciding to start this blog because I think women who weight lift are just as feminine as any other girl, I also wanted to share what I have learned and hoping people will comment and share on here as well.

Well, my sister gave me this idea since I love health and fitness so much she said well If you love it so much why don’t you write about it. So here I am writing about my favorite past time.

What do you think when you think of fitness or muscle? I hope it brings to mind happiness, motivation and determination. Because through going to the gym this is what I found. Going to the gym to lift weights is a way to stay happy and healthy. It allows your brain to release endorphins in a healthy way. I love endorphins and feeling happy, right who doesn’t. So why not release them in a healthy way. I am a current student trying to learn my way in this world. Just as anyone when trying to stay fit and healthy so I want to invite you in my journey to strength and happiness. I found my love when I was in high school and tore up my knee and ACL, the doctors were insisting I get surgery but I refused. I knew if I did I would not have the same mobility ever again. Instead I started strength training and working my way back to a normal life. This was probably the hardest struggle I’ve faced. In the end though I am so glad I did. With lifting weights, and getting stronger I realized how empowering and enlightening it can be to feel like you can do anything. I hope you get to learn and live vicariously through me and my ever improving grammar….

So that is my hope to you all that while following me on my fitness journey you gain knowledge on how to work your muscles, tips on fun and yummy foods that will keep you healthy, and the motivation to keep busting your butt.

Believe In The Beast

“Put your heart, mind and soul even into the smallest of acts. This is the secret to success.”- Swami Sivananda


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