All Hallows Eve

Hey everyone,
In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, fun, and mysterious I decided to write about its history! On Halloween as a child I would dress up, as a princess, a witch, and even Barney, I know I was a cool kid. Did you ever wonder why we would dress up and go door to door saying Trick-or-Treat just to expect candy in return. Like what did you really do to deserve that candy, you said three words! So back about 2,000 years the Celtic would hold the festival of Samhain. At this festival there would be giant bonfires, and people dressed up with masks on and other costumes to ward off ghosts. They believed if they celebrated the new year and scared off the evil spirits they would have a good harvest that year. In their day All Hallows Eve was like the equivalent to our new years. It’s the end of summer and beginning of winter. At this lovely festival they would have young women peel the outer layer of an apple and either have them drop it in a barrel of water or throw it over their shoulder. Then what ever shape the peel took would resemble the first letter of their future husbands name. This festival is why we dress up, then the trick or treating came later on. Poor kids would go door to door on Thanksgiving asking for food and scraps hoping for anything. Then with time and different influences it turned into our modern day Halloween! One of the most popular american holidays.

My suggestions for you is to be safe and have fun! Watch Hocus Pocus, or Halloween Town! Be someone different for once.

Believe In The Beast

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween”- Unknown all-hallows-eve

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