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How many colleges do you know of that work in a rocketry organization? Of those, do you know any that are using liquid propellants? If you didn’t know any, here’s one! We are the San Diego State University Rocket Project. Here I’ll be listing some aspects of our organization that makes us truly unique, but before we go on, if you would like to get in contact for any reason, feel free to message me here on LinkedIn! We’re slated to launch from the Mojave […]


So I have been working in an entrepreneurship center lately doing Marketing and Project Management. Since being there I have learned A LOT! I mean tons!! One issue I have talked to my boss about is innovation and teaching habits at Universities. In my opinion the way they teach the sciences and many other subjects is BS. aka BullShit!! I’ve been reading books on innovation, marketing and different views on how professors should be teaching and how they are teaching. There is one book Jeffery […]

Wine 101

Hey guys! So I have gotten into wine. I love wine. I have been a big wino for a year now and have tone numerous tasting and I want to give a few suggestions on a couple places to go also I want to teach you all some proper wine edicate I have learned over the year. A few places in Temecula and Santa Barbara I want to talk about. These wineries are all extremely passionate about their craft. I appreciate all the hospitality each […]


We live in a world of deadlines. You are given a deadline for a project, you are given a deadline for when you should graduate high school, college, get married.. etc… When you get injured or have surgery doctors will give you a time period of how long it will take to get better… a deadline. What if you didn’t have a deadline? What if you were never going to get a degree? What if you were never going to get married? What if you […]

Mincemeat Pie! Without the Meat

Hey everyone, With it being the holiday season I would like to share with all of you one of my favorite pie recipes of all time! Super yummy, and full with spices and aroma! Its called Mincemeat Pie, and no it has no meat in it. Its actually filled with, berries, applies, oranges. It’s a very fruity pie! Best if eaten with heavy cream, whipped cream, or ice cream!! Pie Filling 2 apples, chopped 1.5 cup raisins .5 cup dates or figs, chopped .25 cup […]

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