We live in a world of deadlines.
You are given a deadline for a project, you are given a deadline for when you should graduate high school, college, get married.. etc…
When you get injured or have surgery doctors will give you a time period of how long it will take to get better… a deadline.

What if you didn’t have a deadline? What if you were never going to get a degree? What if you were never going to get married?
What if you never get better? In some ways I think deadlines are great they give us structure and give us hope. But what about those who do not get that luxury. Just think for one second how fortunate you must be going into the new year able to give yourself goals to fill. Give thanks that you can give yourself deadlines and your body is physically and mentally able to fulfill them. When some people just have a goal to stay alive one more day.

I know from personal experience that sometimes when you get out of surgery or get an illness, and you are not given a deadline. There is nothing you can say to yourself that is hopeful for your future. You wake up everyday in pain and you know it will never go away. In these cases I ask that you remind yourself of the people that love you and care for you. People who may be dead or alive care for you, and that is something worth living for.

I ask all of you celebrating the new year tonight, to give thanks and set goals for yourself since there are others out there not nearly as fortunate.

Believe In the Beast

“A year from now you may wish you had started today” – Karen Lamb

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