So I have been working in an entrepreneurship center lately doing Marketing and Project Management. Since being there I have learned A LOT! I mean tons!! One issue I have talked to my boss about is innovation and teaching habits at Universities. In my opinion the way they teach the sciences and many other subjects is BS. aka BullShit!! I’ve been reading books on innovation, marketing and different views on how professors should be teaching and how they are teaching. There is one book Jeffery Stamp from Bold Thinking LLC introduced me to is “Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman.” by Richard Feynman. I have not been able to put this book down, reading this makes me wish I had the same opportunities he did. I think teaching in universities needs a little mixing up! You could say this past week I had an Aha Moment and by definition this means : a moment in time when one has a sudden insight or realization. During Jeffrey’s final keynote I did. I realized in Physics, people think you are the best problem solvers which I would conquer. I also disagree, so many students in in physics are taught the method plug and chug, instead of listen and think. I challenge students now those of you who feel cheated in their studies please comment. This needs to be changed, obviously my blog can not do this alone, but as a collective group I think anything is possible!! I challenge you to do what Jeffrey taught me and “THINK BOLDLY!”

Believe In The Beast

“They were all excited by this “discovery” – even though they had gone through a certain amount of calculus and had already “learned” that the derivative (tangent) of the minimum (lowest point) of any curve is zero (horizontal). They didn’t put two and two together. They didn’t even know what the “knew.”” – Richard Feynman

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