I know many people have a tendency to calorie count, which is important but even more so are the macros you take in! Your macros consist of Protein, Carbs and Fat. When you look at a food label it gives you a calorie count and then a breakdown of how many grams of everything are in the product. There is 4-9-4 rule you can use to determine how many of those calories are Protein, Fats and Carbs. Say you had a Quest Bar; I know I love them too. On a Quest Bar it says approximately 180 Calories. Then it tells you there are 8 grams of fat, so if you multiply 8 by 9 you get how many calories are from Fat. Then there are 23 grams of Carbs, multiply this by 4 and you get your calories taken in from carbs. Finally, there are 20 grams of protein in there, so multiply this by 4 and you get your protein calories. The calorie counts on the label may be slightly off, which is unfortunate, but pay particular attention to your Macros during your next shopping trip, not the calorie count!

Believe in The Beast!

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