Never Give up

How many of you have a hard time staying motivated? I know it is a common problem in many peoples lives, mine included. SO I decided to do a little research on the topic and here is what I found, “Motivation is short-term focused energy. The oldest theories of motivation explain motivated activity as effort to overcome primary deficiencies, such as hunger or boredom. Such theories are difficult to apply because individuals learn idiosyncratic secondary motives as alternative ways of responding to these needs. Three prominent needs theories are discussed: Herzberg’s theory of hygiene and motivational factors; McClelland’s needs for achievement, power, and affiliation; and Maslow’s hierarchy and theory of self-actualization”(Chambers, David W. “Motivation.” The Journal of the American College of Dentists, 74.2 (2007): 34.) I also looked up the definitions of all these theories and found them very interesting. Over all try to remember that everyone has to stay motivated some how, and some loose there which is OK! Just make sure to forget yesterday and focus on the day ahead of you!

Best of luck on your journey to fitness!

Believe in the Beast

Stop Wishing! Start Doing! – unknown



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  1. Boundless energy. To have an idea and run with it. To believe in yourself and to believe in others. To see the possibilities and strive for what you see. To listen to others ideas, to learn more, but not to give credence to the naysayers. And then also to know the difference. That might be the wisdom of “Motivation.”

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