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Life choices

I saw a movie the other day that was very inspiring called get a job, and one of my favorite lines is “I’m 22 and I have no idea what I am going to do with the rest of my life. And I’m fine with that.” This is exactly how I feel, I have been stuck for so long in a major I do not even like to please my parents and just now having a moment of serious regret. You should love what you […]

Starting Something New

Hello lovely followers! I just want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to take a minute to read my posts. I hope you find them as insightful and helpful as I try to make them. I wanted to write about the idea of starting new hobbies, career paths, ect.. You are never to old to start a new chapter in your life nor should you be afraid to. If you do not like what your doing.. okay change it. I […]

Benefits of Being Balanced

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking back into my site! Hope life is decent. I was thinking, those of you who like to read my posts, comment below on what else you might want me to write about. Today though I will be talking about the benefits of core strength and yoga. As many of you probably realize as you get older your body starts to slow and ache… this can be slowed if you try your best and stay active, there are many little things […]

Happy Valentines day

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day! Single or not, it’s about a day of love and self appreciation. So if you are like me and am single I hope you did not spend the day sad because there is no point. You just have not found your one true love. Just remember if you love yourself it makes it easier for someone to love you too. So stay positive and active! I went for a run that morning and night hike with a friend […]


Hey everyone! Welcome to the new year! I know we all want to set “New Year’s Resolutions” but, why make it a big deal? If you set little goals for your self that are accomplish-able then eventually all those little goals will turn into one big reward. I just recently learned this lesson. I often thought I needed to bite off the biggest chunk of responsibility I could get to prove to myself that I could handle it. I am now learning with making small […]

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