Vitamins  – Brands

  • CLA- Nature Wise ( This is most recommended on Amazon and I would say hands down best safflower oil I have used)
  • CLA- Revolution Abs Cut (Good Product)
  • Daily Vitamin- Optimum Nutrition ( I would recommend this product, no stomach ache after with or without food)
  • Creatine- All American EFX Kre-Alkaline ( I would recommend this, I stopped taking it because of water weight but useful for bulking)


  • Pro7ein- Nutrishop ( Great product use this now, low carbs)
  • Gold Standard Whey- Optimum Nutrition ( Great Product, slightly higher carb content)
  • Phormula-1 – 1st Phorm ( This is a great whey protein! I usually get the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor or the Fruit Loop and put it in my morning oatmeal! Yum)

Pre-Workouts -Brands

  • Coffee ( My favorite and go to pre workout drink!)
  • C4- Cellucor ( Great Product definitely get that fingers tingling/ jitters feeling)
  • Blood Dilators – Rev Labs Xtreme ( Definitely a great product! use this before my big lifts for that extra pump)

Fat Burners – Brands

  • D4 Thermal Shock – Cellucor ( I would recommended this product with a strict diet, has worked wonders for me)
  • CLK- Cellucor ( I did like this product but I took it with HD and had stomach aches)
  • HD – Cellucor ( Same as above)

BCAA’s -Brands

  • XTend- Scivation ( Great Product used it forever! Only down side is Artificial Coloring)
  • Modern- USP Labs ( Great Product am currently using it! Good Flavor and no coloring!)

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