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I¬†know many people have a tendency to calorie count, which is important but even more so are the macros you take in! Your macros consist of Protein, Carbs and Fat. When you look at a food label it gives you a calorie count and then a breakdown of how many grams of everything are in the product. There is 4-9-4 rule you can use to determine how many of those calories are Protein, Fats and Carbs. Say you had a Quest Bar; I know I […]

Big Booty Big Booty

  Today was leg day: Squat Day!! I maxed on 245 for three reps! I had never done that before.. I still need to get depth but it’s getting there. It is so hard being a girl who wants to look and feel pretty in this society but at the same time be just as buff as any guy is. That has always been the biggest struggle for me. Trying to find that medium.   Anyways on top of my hour of squatting, yes an […]

Never Give up

How many of you have a hard time staying motivated? I know it is a common problem in many peoples lives, mine included. SO I decided to do a little research on the topic and here is what I found, “Motivation is short-term focused energy. The oldest theories of motivation explain motivated activity as effort to overcome primary deficiencies, such as hunger or boredom. Such theories are difficult to apply because individuals learn idiosyncratic secondary motives as alternative ways of responding to these needs. Three […]

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