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We live in a world of deadlines. You are given a deadline for a project, you are given a deadline for when you should graduate high school, college, get married.. etc… When you get injured or have surgery doctors will give you a time period of how long it will take to get better… a deadline. What if you didn’t have a deadline? What if you were never going to get a degree? What if you were never going to get married? What if you […]

Happy Valentines day

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day! Single or not, it’s about a day of love and self appreciation. So if you are like me and am single I hope you did not spend the day sad because there is no point. You just have not found your one true love. Just remember if you love yourself it makes it easier for someone to love you too. So stay positive and active! I went for a run that morning and night hike with a friend […]

The Motivation

Hey! Sorry everyone I know I have not been on here for a while. I have still been working out everyday but, my school and work load got me so booked that I have not had time to even sleep enough. Currently running off of 6 hours of sleep and am feeling it. People always ask me why do you run your body and your brain into the ground. I can not but think to myself why not test your limits? Don’t you want to […]

I had a turning point in my life recently. I have always struggled between having the motivation to work on my athletic career and the motivation to work on my physics and college career. When I was younger I was taught to do something you knew would make you successful. I was taught to not go into a risky business where more is at stake then in any other. I was taught to make my dream practical. I value my parents and respect them for […]

Daily Diet

  Hey everyone! This is one of my first of many food entries! Yumm!   I hope to post more exciting recipes and supplements that will help you on your journey to greatness. Of course everything I post I have tried before and have read other peoples comments on the product in order to give you the best information I can!   For me I am currently starting what is called carb cycling. I know it sounds strange but, is actually quite simple and easy […]

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