The Stress of College

As many of you know I am a current college student at San Diego state University. Many of do not know is that I probably struggle with the stress you all do while going to school. I am currently a senior and will not be graduating on time, granted i am a physics major getting a minor in business management gives me no excuse. I feel the pain and shame that every senior gets. I also feel anxiety during exams and sadness when I realize i did not do as good as I hoped I would of. I have been thinking an awful lot about the choices I have made during my life. One conclusion I have made is make it worth while do what you want to do, not what others expect from you. I unfortunately discovered this way to late in my college experience, but those reading this may still have time to change. There is a true passion in everyone, and I believe everyone will find out what they are meant to do. I discovered that my interaction with people gives me happiness. I also writ to you knowing that I do not know all the answers , but who does. I write these posts in hopes that someone will read it and feel inspired.
This is why I have been writing more about my life experience then about fitness, because in all honesty my life is more then just how strong I am or how buff I look. it is about how happy I am, and how to find my happiness. I recently read an article about college students and the daily struggles they face with anxiety, depression, and even a mixture of both. So do not feel like you are alone in any way because you are not. In fact you are probably more normal than you think. Just remember to always believe in yourself.
believe in the Beast

“true happiness is an inner quality” – unknown happy

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