Wine 101

Hey guys!
So I have gotten into wine. I love wine. I have been a big wino for a year now and have tone numerous tasting and I want to give a few suggestions on a couple places to go also I want to teach you all some proper wine edicate I have learned over the year.

A few places in Temecula and Santa Barbara I want to talk about. These wineries are all extremely passionate about their craft. I appreciate all the hospitality each of these wineries gave me.
First and foremost my favorite winery is….
The Oak Mountain Winery and Cave. I would give this winery five out of five. I went here recently and purchased a cave tour with a meat and cheese platter.. the whole nine yards which I EXTREMELY recommend. Our Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about this winery she told us the history of their grapes and how hard this winery works to make superb wine. They are currently finishing their Cave which is extravagant. You start the tour with a taste of their champagne they have mango, strawberry and raspberry. Very unique and fun flavors. Then you go outside to the arch and get to learn about the history of the establishment. Then you get to go inside the cave, and see all the barrels stored there. From there you walk to the back room that is where you get to taste the wine and learn a bit about proper wine edicate. It was an extremely unique experience.

My next pick is Callaway Vineyard & Winery. It has a spectacular view and the wine there is top notch. Very family friendly.

3. South Coast Winery Resort and Spa, I have stayed here a night and I would recommend to stay there if you want the full wine tasting experience. I would also suggest renting out a bungalow, more private and intimate. Then getting a spa experience.. it was lovely.

Finally some edicate. Ladies and Gentlemen please only pick up your glass by the stem not the glass bowl. Ladies if you are wearing lipstick and it shows on the glass please keep using the same spot to sip from.


Believe in The Beast

“Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.” – John Pope XXIII

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